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Meet Dowsers.com founders Joey and Jill Korn

Meet Joey and Jill Korn

I have been passionately on my spiritual path for more than 43 years, and Jill and I have been doing this work full time for 17 years (as of 2014). I couldn’t do this work if not for the ever-present love and support of my dear wife of 37 years.  You’ll likely talk with Jill if you call us to order something, schedule a Remote Session, or register for a workshop or a retreat.  You’ll see what a remarkable person she is, just in the short time you might speak with her.

In this website, you can follow my journey, learn what has inspired me in life, and learn how to improve your own life through many free articles that are posted here at Dowsers.com.  Jill and I are honored that you have been led to our Web site, and we hope you’ll explore it further. Use the links and menus at the top and within each page to navigate through the site.

Many people ask me, “What is it that you do? What is dowsing? What does finding a place to drill a water well have to do with being spiritual?”

For me, dowsing, or “divining”, is not just about finding a place to drill or dig a well or about finding anything in the physical world. It’s about detecting energy.

It’s about tapping into our own God-given ability to explore the world of subtle energies that are everywhere within and around us. It’s about drawing ever closer to the Divine in our lives.

Dowsing for me has become a way to demonstrate that the blessing process works. Not only does it work, but I consider it the most powerful Force in the universe. And everyone has this Force at their disposal. At their beckoned call. But we must call. We must initiate the process to use this Force.

It’s not enough just to recognize the blessings we have in life and to express gratitude for them, though that is important. We must call on whatever we consider the Divine to bless us if we want, purposefully, to use this Force that is ever-present in our lives. I help people understand what is going on energetically, behind the scenes in life.

With negative thoughts, actions and emotions, we fill and surround ourselves with detrimental, weakening energies. With positive thoughts, actions and emotions, we fill and surround ourselves with beneficial, healing energies. And you can find and experience all these energies with dowsing! By understanding that this is taking place, day in and day out, we can take charge of the process with blessing, especially with what I call “the Simple Blessing Process.”

Learn the five components of the Simple Blessing Process, see an example of a Simple Blessing, and learn to adapt it to help with any aspect of your life. To learn even more, you can also download an extended article on “Spiritual Dowsing and the Simple Blessing Process.”

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