Crystal and Stone Pendulums

We have  many beautiful Crystal & Stone Pendulums.  Scroll down to see them all.


New Shipping Rates
Shipping rates have changed, especially for international shipping of small packages.  It is not practical to order a pendulum for shipping outside the U.S. unless it is part of a larger order.


Rose Quartz Chamber with Copper Ring  


 $30   Add to Cart 

Bearing-Balanced Amethyst with Witness Chamber


$30   Add to Cart 

Example of  Witness Chamber

Bearing Balanced Fluorite with Witness Chamber

$30  Add to Cart 
Sodalite Pendulum with Copper Ring and Witness Chamber

Tapered Himalayan Crystal Point With Chamber    

$26   Add to Cart

View of Pendulum with Open Witness Chamber

Some dowsers put a sample of what they’re looking for or working with in the chamber.

Open Witness Chamber

More Chamber or Witness Pendulums Below.  

Amethyst Chamber Pendulum With Copper Ring & Chain AmethystChamberWCopperRing$30    Add to Cart

Uncut Himalayan Crystal Point  with Chamber            

Uncut Himalayan Crystal Point

$30   Add to Cart

Metal Pendulums


Click here to see our metal pendulums.

Letter to Robin
A Mini-Course in Pendulum Dowsing Volume 1

Only $9.00, including shipping within the U.S. 

Now Available in our volumes.  Add more volumes after adding Volume 1 to the cart.  Each additional volume will be $6.  We may have to contact you about additional shipping cost for multiple volumes.

"This is the best series of booklets I've found on pendulum dowsing. "

Available in Spanish.  Request in Special Instructions during check-out.
   $9.00   Add to Cart

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