Dowsing & Kabbalah “Level 2” Workshops


The key to my distance and remote dowsing and energy work techniques is dowsing with just your hands and arms. When you get familiar with what a dowsing response feels like within your body, you can learn to dowse easily in your mind–true deviceless dowsing. You can then travel in time and space to explore the world of subtle energies and make changes in those energies, creating beneficial energy environments anywhere in the world.

A 9-year-old boy taught me to dowse with just my hands and arms, just minutes after I taught him to dowse! Brooks was the first volunteer in a fourth-grade class that I was teaching to dowse. While I was teaching the rest of his classmates to dowse, he wanted to continue dowsing but didn’t have any L-rods. A little while later, I felt a tug on my shirt sleeve. “Mr. Korn,” he said, “Look. I can dowse with my hands. I just make my hands and arms into upside-down L-rods.” He demonstrated and I was amazed. This is very easy to learn, and it’s the key to learning my advanced dowsing and energy work techniques.

When you imagine yourself in another place, whether it’s just a few feet in front of you or anywhere in the world you’ve ever been before, you are actually sending your consciousness to that place. You can then dowse the energies there and you can change the energies to be beneficial to anyone in that place. The more vividly you can imagine yourself being there, the more accurately you will be able to explore the subtle energies and the more effectively you can change those energies.

In my Level 2 workshops, we begin by learning to dowse with just your hands and arms. This is much easier than you might think!

You’ll then learn to:

  • Use my own techniques for healing and energy work
  • Dowse in your mind to detect subtle energies anywhere you can see before you (distance dowsing)
  • Detect detrimental energies any place you’ve been before , even thousands of miles away (remote dowsing), and change the energies there to be beneficial
  • Dowse the kabbalistic Tree of Life in the Bed Pattern and the Human Energy Pattern. The Tree of Life is around every human being and you imprint it where you sleep. Learn more by clicking here
  • Detect imbalances in the Bed Pattern and Human Energy Pattern and correct those imbalances to help yourself and others heal and resolve their key issues in life
  • Charge any object, substance, or energy field with the Life Force, imbuing it with your intent. You can actually turn your jewelry or even your eyeglasses into amulets to help bring healing, balance, and resolution to any issues or health conditions in your life
  • Work with the two lights of the soul, which is the key to my Kabbalistic Energy Work personal sessions
  • Dowse and work with the Universal Matrix to improve your life and the lives of those around you

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