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We can’t even express in words what you’ll learn and experience at Joey’s workshops & retreats. We guarantee you that it will be an absolutely life-changing experience! The best I can do to convey the magic of what you’ll experience is to call it Divine Wizardry 101.

Jill  & Joey’s GOURMET DOWSING RETREATS  Near Augusta, Georgia

The best way to learn my work is at the retreats we hold in our home, and we’ll have a lot of fun in the process.    This includes five nights lodging, fifteen delicious home-cooked meals, and transportation to and from Augusta Airport, if you’re flying.  Joey loves to cook and feels that good food is a very important part of our retreats.  To learn more about our Retreats,  Click here.

Meet's Joey and Jill Korn - hosts of Gourmet Dowsing Retreats


Wednesday evening, May 22nd thru Monday lunch, May 27.

Click here to learn more about Joey & Jill’s Retreats.  Click here to see a detailed flyer for this event.   Our regular Quarterly Retreats are $1,000 when deposit is made 30 days before the beginning of the Retreat, and $1100 after that.  Deposits are fully refundable if you cancel 30 days before event.  After that, your deposit will apply towards a future event, products, or space clearing services.

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Register for Retreat with a $200 deposit by clicking here. Call 877-369-7464 for more info or email

In my workshops and retreats, we begin with the basics of dowsing; you’ll learn to detect beneficial and detrimental energies in your living environment. You’ll learn to work directly with Nature and with the Eternal to take charge of your life. Most importantly, you’ll learn to use the Simple Blessing Process to:

  • Change detrimental energies that weaken you and can make you sick, into beneficial energies that strengthen you, heal you, and enhance your moods and relationships
  • Attract new beneficial energies into your living environment
  • Eliminate the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) that radiate from TVs, computer screens, microwave ovens, electrical wires, cellular phones, etc.  You can actually make these energies beneficial to you and your loved ones with the Blessing Process.
  • Attract what you most need and want into your life, drawing you ever closer to your highest potential as a spiritual being of Light.

You’ll gain a new understanding of our connection to the world of subtle energies that are everywhere around and within us. You’ll learn how detect many different kinds of energy, including up to five different kinds of Earth energy, human-related energy and the energy fields that radiate from electronic appliances.

You’ll also grow to understand that the Earth energies are our energetic mirrors; they’re constantly reflecting us back to us.  Our own imbalances in life reflect out as detrimental Earth energies.  You can learn to change the energies with blessing, and change your life.  Better yet, keep your own energy pattern balanced and beneficial with Joey’s “Simple Blessing Process” and you’ll keep the energies around you balanced and beneficial.

You’ll also learn about my “Kabbalah connection to dowsing.” The Tree of Life is real.  It’s around you and it repeats itself endlessly in Earth energies, just like the ancient teachings tell us. You’ll get way more than you expect from attending my workshops.

“Joey Korn is one of the best dowsers on the planet, and a fabulous teacher.  He has changed the world of dowsing as we know it.”  –Marilyn Gang    President of Toronto Dowsers

Please post any questions below. We also welcome comments or questions from anyone who has attended one of our retreats or workshops, or is interested in attending one.