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Joey Korn

Joey Korn’s Two Special Packages

Package #1

A Remote Spiritual Housecleaning Session with Joey Korn

For only $97.  That’s over 50% off the regular price!

Package #1     $97 Add to Cart

Package #2:

Joey’s New Book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment Revised Edition, a pair of dowsing rods, a pendulum, two DVDs, and two CDs, including Shipping within the US.  Full details below.  (Additional shipping cost for International orders.)

That’s a Value of $120 for only $48!  That’s 60% off!

Package #2     $48 Add to Cart

(Joey’s new book will be available in November.  We’ll send all the the rest of your products now and we’ll mail your personalized and autographed book as soon as it is available)

Get Both Packages, including within the US, for only $145. Add to Cart

International shipping options at Check-out.


Package #1 Details

A Personal Remote Spiritual Housecleaning and Space Clearing with Joey Korn to Create an Ideal Environment to Support You and Your Family in Life

The usual fee for this service is $200.

You are getting a Personal Session with Joey for only $97! Add to Cart

You can call 1-877-369-7464 after you buy the package to schedule an appointment or email  Be sure to mention that you have purchased your session from the “Dowsing World Summit”

Joey can explore the subtle energies anywhere in the world from his home. He has developed a system to connect directly to you, your family, and the energies in your home or business.  He can detect your Human Energy Patterns and Bed Patterns, as well as the other human-related energies, Earth energies, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) throughout your home. After his assessment, he will work with you to change all energies to be beneficial and can bring in new beneficial energies to help draw whatever you most desire into your life. Call to schedule a time for Joey to call you. The entire process takes about an hour and includes a free follow-up. See more at

Package #2 Details: A $120 Value at the Special Price of Only $48.

You’ll Get Seven Items in This Package, including Shipping within the US:

  • Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment Revised Edition ($16)
  • A Pair of Joey Korn Signature Dowsing Rods ($18)

  • DVD of Lecture: Maintaining Energetic Balance in Your Life ($30)

  • DVD of  Lecture: Change Your Energies, Change Your Life ($20)

  • Two Lights of the Soul Interview CD ($7)

  • Dowsing World Summit 2012 Interview  CD ($7)

  • Metal Pendulum ($15)

  • S&H within the US included ($7) *international shipments will cost a little more for additional postage

Package #2 is only $48 with a value of $120! That’s 60% off!

Package #2 including Shipping Within the US, only $48 Add to Cart


Get Both Packages, within the US, for only $145. Add to Cart

What People Are Saying About Joey’s Work

“You are a bright, shining light in this world.  I am so grateful to have learned great gifts from you.  I think of you every day as I say your blessing to shift the energies in my world.”     ~ Love, Betty

“Almost 2 weeks have passed since you gave us the lecture on Blessing.  I’ve been doing it…and I feel a simple thing: I’m healed.  That’s it.  So thank you my friend.  You have given me the most precious treasure of all. I send you back this love I’ve just found out I feel!”     ~Joana

“I cannot express fully, my gratitude for how much knowledge I have gained in the short time I’ve been studying your work.  I can more completely grasp the concepts of the holographic means of the creative process of “thought thinking.” We do have it within our power to reverse the negative trend into a new paradigm of experience, for the “highest and best good of all.”  Thank you for your tremendous gifts!” ~Love & Light Don

“Thank you for your brilliant work and for sharing it!  It resonated with me on so many different levels.”     ~ Love, Pam

“I would like to say, recognize and acknowledge the importance of your work to this world.  It opens new doors in many people’s lives, if they are aware of the power of that.  Thank you again.”    ~ Love, Valeria

“Thank you so much for the remote session.  It was a very instructive experience.  I now feel like I can breathe again.  It is so good.”~ Love, Ninafria

“I’m sharing the simple blessing process with others.  It’s interesting with tools, especially if they’re simple like the blessing is, how often people seem to forget to even try.  A friend of mine in Sweden was really open for the idea.  Without my knowing, she had asked for guidance that very same day in regards to prayer and blessing, especially prayer.  It felt like a miracle to her that I had shared it with her on that particular day. I told her how the blessing process has helped me find my personal “style” to pray and that now after years and years, I know how to use blessings in a way that resonates with my own values and beliefs.  I find it very important to share how using the blessing is actually helping me create a new groove rather than continue down the negative grooves that may already be there and prevent negativity from creating new unsupportive grooves.” ~

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