Messages from Water Books and DVD by Dr. Masaru Emoto


Messages from Water Volume 3
Love Thyself
by Dr. Masaru Emoto

This is a beautiful oversized softback English translation of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Messages from Water Vol 3.  It contains many of his pictures of frozen water crystals.

Vol. 3 softback, 177 glossy pages with the primary message “Love Thyself”, over 200 color photographs.

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NEW! The Secret Life of Water
By Dr. Masaru Emoto

The Secret Life of Water talks extensively about water’s ability to show us the answers–how to live happily, the meaning of loving nature, and the direction we should take. 

Hardback 209 pages

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The True Power of Water: Healing and Discovering Ourselves
By Dr. Masaru Emoto

Water holds the key to good health. We can interact with water with our thoughts, intentions, and prayer to reverse illness.

Paperback  182 pages

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The Hidden Messages in Water
By Dr. Masaru Emoto

“Understanding the fact that we are essentially water is the key to uncovering the mysteries of the universe…”

Paperback  192 pages or 3-hours on CD

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Water Crystals in Motion DVD
Messages from Water With Dr. Masaru Emoto

This amazing 40-minute video lets you see how water “listens” to music and “reads” printed words.  You’ll actually see the  frozen water crystals forming.

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