Spiritual Housecleaning Services – continued

What is the Bed Pattern and how does it differ from the Human Energy Pattern?

I began finding a unique pattern of energies (rays of invisible light) around beds in 1996. Since then, I found more and more elements of the pattern. They are a reflection of our health and well-being, or lack thereof. These energies can be out of balance as a result of imbalances or illness in our lives. We can detect the imbalances with dowsing and correct them with prayer, bringing more healing and balance into our lives. We imprint this pattern of lights or energies around our beds. It is actually around each of us and goes with us wherever we go. I call the energies that can be found around our bodies the Human Energy Pattern. We hook up to the Human Energy Pattern with the two lights of the soul. I believe I have found a direct connection to this unique pattern in Kabbalah.

What is Kabbalah?
Kabbalah is a body of teachings that are the essence of Jewish mysticism. It is an oral teaching that has been handed down from teacher to student since the time of Moses. Much of it was finally written down around 100 AD. More was written by Kabbalistic sages in the 1500’s. These teachings have profound implications in our lives. They are supposed to be the real meaning behind the Torah, the first five books in the Old Testament. Kabbalah was adapted into Christianity during the Renaissance and has been adapted into Western Hermetic tradition (tarot) and many Mystery Schools.

Can I learn to do this work myself?
Certainly. I reveal my techniques in my book Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment. I also hold workshops in which I teach people how to do what I do, how to work knowingly with God and with Nature. It’s really very simple, but it takes time and experience to get to the point where you have full confidence and faith in what you are doing. Even when you hire me to perform this service, I do it with you, not for you. I want you involved in the process and I teach you as I do the work. You will learn how to do it.

Can you do remote energy work?
Absolutely. I have a unique system to tune into the energies in your home, including your own Bed Pattern. I can detect detrimental and beneficial major Earth Energy leys, underground streams, Hartmann & Curry Grid lines, human related energies, and even EMF’s. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, I can help you clean up your detrimental energies (make them beneficial) and attract new beneficial energies to help you draw whatever you most desire into your life. We then work together to change the detrimental energies to be beneficial and call in new beneficial energies. This helps to maintain the beneficial energy configuration and helps you learn to do it yourself from that point on. Go here to learn more about my remote work.

How much do you charge for this service?
I charge $225 for Remote Spiritual Housecleaning. I charge $300 to come to your home, plus travel if necessary, although I usually schedule several appointments at a time in one city to minimize travel costs. I teach you the basics of what I do while I’m doing it. I will typically spend 1 1/2 to 2 hours with you. I teach you how to dowse the beneficial and detrimental energies and how to feel their effects on your body. I especially look to find any intense energy problems, sometimes causing paranormal experiences, which I will remove if I find them.  We then work together to change all the rest of the energies in your home to be ideal to support you and your family. A session in your home is more like a mini-workshop than a service that I provide for you. You can contact me for a follow-up, if necessary, at no additional charge.

Click here to contact me about my Spiritual Housecleaning coaching services.  You can also call 1-706-733-0204 or 1-877-369-7464.00