Spiritual House Cleaning Services:
One-on-one Coaching with Joey Korn

On Site Spiritual House Cleaning

If I am ever in your area and you would like to have some personal coaching, this is how you can make that happen.

I can also coach you without being there in person through my Remote Spiritual Housecleaning services.
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What is Spiritual Housecleaning?
It is the process of creating ideal energy environments in your home, office, or on your property, designed to support what you most desire to bring into your life. I teach you to detect detrimental subtle energies, such as the energies associated with some underground streams, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and energies that are more directly related to us as human beings. These energies are associated with what I call the “two lights of the soul.” Once you find these energies, you can transmute them into beneficial energies, including the harmful energies of EMFs associated with electrical appliances such as televisions, computer screens, microwave ovens, breaker boxes, and electrical transformers. We will also call in new beneficial energies into your living environment in unique energy configurations and frequencies to attract what you most desire into your life.

How is this accomplished?
The first step is to dowse the area with L-rods or other dowsing tools to determine where the beneficial and detrimental energies are located. You will learn to detect and identify the energies with dowsing and change them with prayer. This can be done on-site or from a distance. Then, together, we use the blessing process to create a unique energy environment to support you in your efforts, to accomplish what you most desire in your life, and to help you align with your Higher Purpose.

What are the Powers of Nature?
I pray to God, the Universal One, and call on Nature to do the work. I define the Powers of Nature as “any benevolent forces that are in accord with the Divine and appropriate for the work that we are doing.” I’m not more specific because I feel this would limit them. My intent is to include Mother Nature, your personal guides, angels, devas, other nature intelligences. I put “If it be Thy Will” over everything I do. As long as I do that, I don’t feel the need to define these forces.

Are all underground streams detrimental to us?
No. The natural radiations of some, but not all, underground streams of water are detrimental to us. You can determine which are detrimental through dowsing. The detrimental energies of underground streams can actually be changed to be beneficial, and we’ll do that together.

Are all detrimental energies bad?
Absolutely not. All natural Earth energies have their purpose for being. What is detrimental to us as human beings is beneficial to other forms of life. For example, cats love to sleep on crossings of underground streams that are detrimental to us. Ants build their hills over these crossings.

Can you help to stop paranormal activities?

I certainly can. In fact, this has become my specialty in recent years. I have found that there are two primary causes of paranormal activities: Interference Energy & Earthbound Spirits.  I can detect and remove both of these causes. If you’d like to learn more about my work in finding and clearing the causes of paranormal experiences, just click here, but be sure to return to this page to continue learning about my on-site Spiritual Housecleaning and Coaching Services.

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