Remote Spiritual Housecleaning Services: Space Clearing from the Inside Out

Many dowsers believe that detrimental Earth energies in our homes, called Geopathic Stress energy lines or zones, can cause illness and other problems in our lives. However, after doing thousands of space clearings of homes, businesses, and properties, I have come to understand that we affect the energies as much or more than they affect us. We actually cause the Earth energies in our homes and offices to be detrimental with our illnesses and with our negative thoughts, actions, and emotions–with our negative or inappropriate reactions to our stresses and strains of life. I can help you assess and greatly improve the energies. Most of the energy problems in our homes are caused by our difficult relationships with others in our lives. I can help with that too.

Our Energetic Mirrors
The energies in our homes are our energetic mirrors, constantly reflecting us back to us.  We are energy beings living in a universe of energy, or Light. We change the subtle energies (Light) within and around us with every thought, action, and emotion. As we go through life, we actually fill and surround ourselves with what we think, feel, and do. We are unconsciously imprinting the energies of our … Read More »