Walter Russell’s Poster Prints of his Scientific Art & Charts

“The Octave Wave” Poster Print
Walter Russell’s beautiful Octave Wavepainting is rich with meaning. The entire Russell Cosmogony is implied within it. Russell’s Octave Wavedepicts a complete wave cycle, which is a model for everything in the universe. It’s a symbol for the Creator’s imaginings at work. The essence of all creation and change is here revealed for those who have the eyes to see and the understanding to know and interpret.

A beautiful 18″ X 24″ print poster is available.  $15 including postage within the US 

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18″ X 24″ Poster
The Wave
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Walter Russell’s Periodic Chart of the Elements-Side View

The Russell Periodic Charts of the Elements were first published in 1926 in Walter Russell’s explication of his cosmogony in The Universal One. The charts, based on Russell’s insight into the nature of periodicity, completed the Mendeleef Chart.

15 ½” x 21 ½”
$15.00  Inc. Shp. Within the US Special Order Only

Walter Russell’s Periodic Chart Top View

This view shows that the Russell Periodic Chart of the Elements is based on the spiral, or more accurately, the octave wave.

15 ½” x 21 ½”
$15.00  Inc. Shp. Within the US   Special Order Only