Dowsing & the Kabbalah Connection


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Over the past five years, I have used dowsing extensively to explore the energies in living environments, mostly in homes and offices. I have tuned in to a category of energies that are related directly to us as human beings. As I continued to explore and work with these energies, they led me to a discovery that has totally changed the focus of my life work. It has led me full circle to my roots in Judaism, especially to Jewish mysticism or Kabbalah.

I consider these energies to be invisible rays of light suspended in time and space. When I explore these energies with dowsing, they extend from about knee to neck in height and are about just as wide. Where I find one, I always find another one intersecting it within a few feet. An intersection of two or more of these rays of light creates a vortex. I first started finding them space in homes, especially in high-use areas, such as around desks, tables, chairs, and beds. I soon realized that they were also attached to human beings and can be attached to objects. These rays of light create a unique pattern around beds, what I call the “Bed Pattern”. The energies around beds seem to have much to do with the health and well-being of whoever sleeps in them.

I use L-rods to find these energies. At first I thought they were energy leys, which dowsers consider to be beams of cosmic force that course the Earth. Intersections of two or more energy leys create power spots. These power spots can be found at sacred sites, such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Then I realized that the energies I was finding were more like rays of invisible light suspended in time and space and they are everywhere around us. They are like mini-leys, fractal versions of the major Earth energy leys. They are like personal energy leys. Where I find one of these rays of light in a human living environment, I always find at least one other ray intersecting it nearby. A vortex is created wherever two or more of these lights intersect each other. everywhere around us. They are like mini-leys, fractal versions of the major Earth energy leys. They are like personal energy leys.

I got my first clue in 1997 as to what these energies are and how they get into our living environments. I discovered that, as human beings, we each have two lines of energy or rays of light that intersect us wherever we go. I believe that these lights anchor the soul to the body. We interact with everything around us, especially with subtle energies, through these “two lights of the soul.”

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I believe that, under God’s Universal Law, Nature supports our efforts with her energies, and she is non-judgmental in her support of us. When we have a passionate thought or emotion, Nature feeds us with an extra blast of energy. We quite literally “flare up” and imprint our two lights in time and space. With negative emotions, like anger and fear, we imprint detrimental lights. With positive, joy-filled thoughts and emotions, we imprint beneficial lights. We are constantly creating living vortexes that record our thoughts, actions, and emotions electrically in time and space. When we find detrimental intersecting lights (vortexes), we can change them to be beneficial with sincere, properly stated prayer. I believe that this is part of the recording process of karma, how everything we think, say, and do is recorded in what Edgar Cayce called “the skeins of time and space,” in the Akashic Records or the Book of Life.

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