Dowsing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life


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The Bed Pattern or Human Energy Pattern
The Tree of Life

Illustrations by Carolyn Ferris
© Joseph Korn 2000-2005

I began finding a unique pattern of subtle energies (invisible rays of light) while dowsing around beds in 1996. As the years passed, I found more and more elements of the complete pattern, what I call the “Bed Pattern.” I saw right away that there was something very significant about these energies. They seemed to be a reflection of the health and well-being of the person or people that slept in that bed. Working with these energies through prayer sometimes seemed to bring about dramatic healings. More often, the people who sleep in the beds would experience a heightened sense of well being. I had many questions: What are these energies? Why do they seem to affect us so? Why is the same pattern around everyone’s bed? I got my answers in June 1999 through a connection that would change the focus of my work and dramatically change my life. I realized that the Bed Pattern is the Tree of Life of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is a body of teachings that is the essence of Jewish mysticism, and it has been adapted into other spiritual traditions as well, including Christianity, the religions of the East, and many “mystery schools.” Judaism teaches that Moses not only came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, but also with the entire written Torah, the first five books in the Old Testament. God also gave Moses an understanding of the real spiritual meaning behind the coded words in the written Torah, which is Kabbalah. Moses taught Kabbalah to the leaders of the Children of Israel as they wandered across the desert and it has been passed from teacher to student since that time. Much of this oral teaching has now been written. Every book on Kabbalah is that author’s understanding of the oral teachings. Ultimately, Kabbalah can only really be conveyed orally.

The Tree of Life is the central feature of Kabbalah. According to Kabbalah, the Tree of Life was put into place before Creation. Everything in Creation is patterned after the Tree of Life. The ten spiritual centers or Sefirot in the Tree of Life represent the ten attributes of God within man. Adin Steinsaltz wrote in The Thirteen Petalled Rose, “Just as they do in the higher world, the ten Sefirot exist in the human soul; and from their mutual interrelations are derived and manifested all the broad span of thoughts, feelings, and experiences of man.” This is what I believe I have found, the Tree of Life that exists in the human soul.

I soon realized that the Bed Pattern is really the Human Energy Pattern; it is around each of us and goes with us everywhere go. We imprint it where we sleep. We “hook up” to our own personal Tree of Life pattern with what I call “the two lights of the soul.” (Read “The Two Lights of the Soul” by clicking here.) If the Bed Pattern and the Human Energy Pattern really is the Tree of Life, I have found something that has been around us since the beginning of time, yet has never been found in this way before. The best part is that I can easily teach others to find and work with this pattern of energies to help them grow spiritually, heal, and take charge of their lives.

After thirteen years of working with the Bed Pattern and ten years comparing it to the Tree of Life, I am more convinced than ever that the Bed Pattern and the Human Energy Pattern truly is the kabbalistic Tree of Life. The Tree of Life also repeats itself in Nature, as I will share soon. It is my honor to share this with you.

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To bring your Bed Pattern and Human Energy Pattern into balance,
stand at the foot of your bed and say this prayer.

If it be Thy Will, may the Powers of Nature converge to increase and enhance the beneficial energies and balance any detrimental energies within my being and in my living environment, especially here around my bed, to bring healing and balance to my (our) complete being(s), physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Work especially with the Bed Pattern and the Human Energy Pattern, for now and into the future, for as long as is appropriate. Amen.