The Two Lights of the Soul


Over the past thirteen years, I have been passionate in my quest to understand more about Earth energies and the subtle energies that are everywhere around us. I have learned that we affect these energies as much as they affect us. My discovery of the Two Lights of the Soul helped me understand how some of these subtle energies actually get there in the first place and why it is that we can affect them so easily. I felt this to be my most significant discovery yet (in 1998). It applies to everyone, not just to dowsers. As dowsers, however, we have the opportunity to explore a world that is invisible to most of us, and therefore can understand it better.

To summarize my earlier findings:

Beneficial and detrimental energies are everywhere around us in our living environments. We can find “mini” power spots in our homes, especially in our most frequently used areas, such as around stoves, desks, beds, and favorite chairs. I believe that Nature supports us and supports all of life with these energies.

We can transmute detrimental energies into beneficial energies, simply with the power of prayer. We can actually convert noxious rays into beneficial energy leys, because a noxious ray, in my opinion, is simply a detrimental or negative energy ley. We can change the detrimental energies of underground streams of water to be beneficial to us. We can even make the detrimental energies emanating from computer screens, TV’s, and microwave ovens to be beneficial to us, simply by calling for it to happen through prayer.

I don’t consider this to be “mental clearing.” We cab actually go to the Source and work directly with Nature; Nature does the work. These changes will hold until someone does something to revert the energies back to their detrimental state. We can also attract beneficial energies, such as energy leys and power spots, into our living environments to support us in whatever we want to bring into our lives.

Energies Everywhere Around Us

I have dowsed many homes and offices in the past ten years and I find a definite pattern to the subtle energies in our living environments. When I find a beneficial or detrimental line of energy that doesn’t dowse as an underground stream of water, I virtually always find another line of energy intersecting it nearby. (If it is water, there may or may not be intersecting streams nearby.) Wherever two lines of energy intersect each other, a vortex is created. This is where the energies have the strongest effect.

Two detrimental lines create a detrimental vortex, and two beneficial lines create a beneficial vortex. I consider the beneficial vortexes in our living environments to be the mini power spots mentioned above. When you are in the presence of a power spot, your energy field expands and your body becomes stronger. The opposite is true of a detrimental vortex. This can be demonstrated with dowsing and with muscle testing.

I have developed a simple method to find these vortexes, and believe me, they are everywhere around you. Let’s begin with beneficial vortexes. I simply state my intent to find a beneficial line of energy. I then walk forward with my L-rods until they open to point in opposite directions, locating a line of energy–what I consider to be a beam of invisible light suspended in time and space. Then I back up and approach the line at a right angle with one L-rod, stating the intent, “Show me which direction to walk to find the nearest intersecting beneficial line.” Whichever way my L-rod points as I enter the line of energy, I walk along the energy line in that direction with both rods, stating the intent, “Show me the nearest intersection of at least two beneficial energy lines.” When I get another dowsing reaction, I know I have found a beneficial vortex, my simple definition of a power spot.

I use the same procedure to find detrimental vortexes, simply substituting the word “detrimental” for “beneficial.” When I find a detrimental vortex, I simply say a sincere prayer, asking that the energies change to be beneficial, and within a few seconds, the detrimental vortex transforms into a beneficial power spot.

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