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The Original Third Edition of the Russell Home Study Course:

Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy

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The Original Third Edition of the

Complete Russell Home Study Course:  

Universal Law, Natural Science & Living Philosopy

The Third Edition of the Russell Home Study Course is the last edition that was worked on only by the Russells, and it is only available through us. Some the units are out of print, and we have copied them with permission from the University of Science and Philosophy.  We also pay them a royalty for each copy we make, so it’s all legitimate.

Written by the University founders, Walter and Lao Russell, The Home Study Course is designed for those desiring to increase their inner-sensory perception, unfold their own unique genius, and develop a living philosophy based on ever-expanding, life-transforming knowledge of their cosmic unity and unique destiny as an individual creative expression of Being in an eternally-creating universe. The Home Study Course provides the student with a powerful meditative-study learning experience dedicated to self-transformation, spiritual awakening, and expanded consciousness, leading to the possible achievement of Cosmic Consciousness. The Russells present universal law, natural science, and living philosophy as an integral unified whole, giving you knowledge and understanding through application of the principles, leading to personal empowerment in the co-creation of one’s own life and destiny. Through your study of The Russell Home Study Course, you will start living more creatively and masterfully than ever before, centered in the Cosmic Source of Knowledge, Power, and Love. Thus, you will emerge as a harbinger of the Cosmic Age now dawning and become a leader in the spiritual transformation of humanity on earth. The Third Edition of the Russell Home Study Course  is offered as a Home Study Course for your personal meditative study and is only available through us at

We suggest you first read the core Russell books, including The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe, both volumes of The Message of the Divine Iliad, and possibly The Secret of Light.  If, after reading these books, you want to understand the Russell teachings better, then is a good time to take the Russell Home Study Course.  We send it out just as Lao did when I took the Course in 1987, one unit per month for twelve months.  That way you can study it for an entire month, anticipating your next unit. You can choose to get it all at once.

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Atomic Suicide?: What Radioactivity Is, Why and How it Kills, and What to Do about It

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Atomic Suicide has been out of print for quite some time, and has been in high demand among Russell science enthusiast.  It was written by the Russells to help the world understand the dangers of atomic power (not just electricity), but it is also an excellent primer for the Russell science, much different than The Secret of Light.  It contains many more of Russell’s scientific charts and illustrations than in The Secret of Light.

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Russell entered what he called his “full illumination” in 39 days and nights in 1921.  He received all the knowledge that he was spend the rest of his life revealing to mankind.  He was “told” during that time that he should not release any of his new understandings for ten years.  However, he published The Universal One in 1926 (five years early)  and sent this scientific treatise to the nation’s leading scientists.  He expected to change the way we understand science.  In that book, he identified the trans-uranium elements–the elements beyond uranium on the Periodic Chart of Elements.  He explained their function in Nature, deep below the surface of the earth–among other things, the radiations from these elements break rock down into soil.  He gave a strong warning, however, not to ever bring these elements to the surface of the earth because their radiations destroy life and could eventually, if misused, destroy all life on the planet.  He expected that this was warning enough.

These elements were finally “discovered” many years later, though he was given no credit for originally defining them, even predicting their exact atomic weight.  His warning wasn’t heeded, and the atomic bomb was developed and dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945.  Would this have happened had he waited the prescribed number of years to release this information?  Russell felt some responsibility for this, so he and Lao released Atomic Suicide in 1957, to help the world understand the dangers of using radioactivity.

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